The Etruscan in Central Italy

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The Etruscan in Central Italy

The fascination of the cryptical Etruscan

The Etruscans were Italy's first major civilization. The frescoes, jewellery and pottery found in their tombs are evidence of a highly artistic, cultured population.

Their origin is still a mystery, as is their language, but, from the 9th century BC they spread through central Italy. Etruria was never a unified state, just a loose confederation of cities and in the 6th century Etruscan kings ruled Rome, the city that would ultimately eclipse them.

Tuscany and Umbria are rich in Etruscan remains, especially tombs and there are important museums with major collections of Etruscan art and artefacts. In our excursions we will visit the Etruscan settlements, locations and museums in Chiusi, Cortona and in Perugia.

Detailed programme for individuals or small groups will be given to live the experience of a luxury hospitality, personalized services and wellbeing.

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